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3% target for R&D as % of GDP
There have recently been calls for the UK to spend 3% of GDP on R&D (Government & Business). This has been tried before in 2002 and failed so why does anyone think this target would stimulate economic growth?
Click here to see a fuller article on why I think this is a poor measure of innovation
Presentation at the Aerospace Technology Institute
I was invited by the ATI to talk about how innovation could impact the future growth of the Aerospece sector.
Click here to see a synopsis of my presentation
Input to Government enquiry into Industrial Strategy
The Prime Ministers lead in wanting a UK Industrial Strategy is a really positive step forward. On behalf of the R&D Society, my colleague Uday Phadke and I have prepared a submission for the Select Committee enquiry on the new UK Industrial Strategy
Click here to see the full submission
Bid for ARM Holdings
The premium on the pre-bid share price of SoftBank’s bid for Arm Holdings looks attractive at first glance but shareholders may be missing a greater prize.
Click here to see my blog on this.
The future of the UK Innovation Agency
The proposal to integrate Innovate UK into UKRI is deeply flawed.
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Round table discussion on UK innovation policy
In April, the R&D Society organisaed a round table discussion on future Innovation policy. Here is the scene setter paper I presented to get the discussion started.
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What happened to my website??
Just discovered that my website manager has deleted all my articles since April 2012 (no this is not an April fool joke!!). Apologies if you have been looking for comments on innovation & growth. As they say, normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!
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